On Repetition

Will Lev ever get bored of seeing the same video over and over and over? I know toddlers like repetition, but after I had showed him “Baby Einstein: On the go” every single day for two weeks straight, I thought, he must be getting sick of it by now...


Ready or Not

Lev is clearly in the zone where toilet training is beginning to be possible: he sits on his little potty regularly, and also pees in it if the timing happens to be serendipitous. He will also trot the liner of his little potty over to the big potty...


Saved By an Avocado

Lev’s face crumpled when he surveyed the offerings on the high chair tray in front of him; he began to wail. It just wasn’t good enough. He’d eaten far too many bananas and was sick of them, the kasha had been breakfast and lunch and was both boring...