Mind In the Gutter

Cabin fever is getting to Lev. Indoor playspaces no longer mollify him – he wants to be outside. He stands at the door and cries, cries when we put him in his car seat, cries when we take him indoors. If I do go outside with him, he’ll wander down the hill, taking side trips to climb on people’s porches and back down, poke at the sticks and leaves, and pick up various lawn ornaments and carry them off.

But the thing that interests him most, by far, is the gutter. There are so many interesting things to see and do in the gutter! There are puddles to splash in, piles of unmelted snow to tromp on, sewer grates to drop snowballs down, and multitudinous flotsam that has been washed down from higher up the hill to investigate. From a baby’s vantage point, few things are as exciting as gutters.

Just saying. Its sounds funny, but right now, Lev’s mind is in the gutter.