The Climb

The dog was out of sight, but Lev kept climbing. Though he had traveled to the park in his stroller, as usual at the first opportunity to pet a doggie he had wriggled out. Also as usual, when the dog took off, Lev toddled after as fast as he could...


On Sportsmanship

Lev and another boy were fighting over a ball on the playground. The other boy’s parent had the idea to make it into game: when they started fighting, he took the ball away from both kids, and bounced it some distance away so they had to scramble...


One-Bit Language

I’ve heard often that toddler’s favorite word is “No!” – and it’s appearance is a big landmark of the Terrible Twos. Lev doesn’t say “no” yet, but he shakes his head in the standard “no” way. And he does it a lot. It is his standard response to any...